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Oral Health

“Oral health is a state of being free from chronic mouth and facial pain, oral and throat cancer, oral sores, birth defects such as cleft lip and palate, periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay and tooth loss, and other diseases and disorders that affect the oral cavity. Risk factors for oral diseases include unhealthy diet, tobacco use, harmful alcohol use, and poor oral hygiene. “(World Health Organization)

Different countries have adopted separate variations of this definition. The accepted definition for any region in question is that given by its dental association.

Here is a brief look at some oral health issues as well as how your dentist treats them:

Oral diseases

They are wide and varied one side or the range we have cavities while cancer is on the extreme end. Other oral diseases are found in between. When one’s oral health is having a problem the rest of the body is also affected. Broadly speaking, oral disease is connected to ailments such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. In women it causes birth of underweight and premature babies. Examples of oral diseases are as highlighted below:

  • Gum disease: A very common problem in adults
  • Gingivitis: Manifested through  inflammation in your gums
  • Cavities: These are small holes forming on teeth surfaces
  • Oral cancer: Arises from abnormal cells in areas like the tongue, throat, lips and mouth
  • Crooked teeth: Manifested through abnormal positioning of teeth
  • Temporomandibular disorders: These have to do with joints and muscles

For these and other oral illnesses, you should see a dentist. He/she has received the requisite training and has developed a range of skills and experience. This places dental practitioners in full authority of identifying and addressing any dental complications you might have. 

Dental Emergencies

Below are the commonly found emergencies

  • Toothaches: The first thing you should do is to call a dentist. Narrate how you are feeling and seek an immediate appointment. Take an antibiotic to relieve pain. Never place pills on the affected tooth. You can also take ice packs and press them lightly on your face where the pain si coming from. Never use hot water bottles
  • Broken or chipped teeth: Call a dentist and give an explanation of circumstances that led to the condition. This will warrant an immediate appointment. Fillings, root canals or crowns may be used to deal with the condition.
  • Teeth that have been knocked out: In case of permanent teeth, the dentist will try putting it back to where it was. However, fast action is called for on your part. Restoration must be done in less than 2 hours. Carrying tooth with you while immersed in cold milk.
  • Tongue or lip that is badly bitten: Try to control bleeding by pressing down the part with a clean piece of cloth. An ice pack can also be used to reduce swelling.
  • Foreign object between teeth: Try removing it gently using a dental floss. Avoid using sharp objects. 
  • Lost fillings: Buy sugarless gum and put it in the affected spot. Get to a dentist as fast as you can

Effects of tobacco on oral health

You already know about the harmful effects of tobacco in causing cancers and heart disease. Did you know that it is the main contributors for loss of teeth in grownups? Generally, tobacco smoke has a harmful effect on your gums and mouth.  Other forms of tobacco such as smokeless, snuff and chewing tobacco are equally harmful. Talk to your dentist about the harmful effects of tobacco on oral health. Above all, quit smoking.