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As a mother, you have lot of concerns over your child’s health. The main question most parents ask themselves is; when is the best time to introduce dental care to my child? Luckily, every parent knows what needs to be done i.e. regular brushing, flossing, taking the child on a routine dental checkup, keeping watch over what he/she eats and so on. Problem is at what age do you start?

The right time to introduce dental care to children

The mere fact that you cannot see any teeth emerging from your child’s gums does not mean there are no teeth. A baby’s teeth start forming during pregnancy (six months into pregnancy). By the time you are giving birth, your baby has 20 fully developed teeth. This tells you that children’s dental care should begin once they are born.

How to clean an infant’s gums

  • Take a clean piece of cloth and make it damp.
  • Run it over your baby’s gums
  • Repeat this on a daily basis

When you get used to this routine you help get rid of harmful bacteria.

Avoiding tooth decay in toddlers

Did you know that tooth decay also affects toddlers? You need to practice good feeding habits. If you have a caregiver with whom you leave the child as you go to work, teach them this as well. Normally, you prepare a baby to sleep by feeding him with a bottle. What you might not know is that milk has got some sugars. When left on the young teeth, these sugars “eat” the enamel. The result is bottle mouth, a condition where your baby’s front teeth appear discolored, pitted or pocked. If this goes on unabated, cavities set in. You require a dentist to help pull out all those teeth and await the growth of permanent ones.

By the time children are two years old, they have already learnt how to brush teeth on their own. At this age, a child knows how to spit. That means you can guide them not to swallow toothpaste. Buy a soft bristled brush. Every morning and evening, apply small amounts of toothpaste and let them brush on their own as you keep a close eye. This should go on until the child is 5 years old.

Children’s Dentist

This person is also known as a pediatric dentist. He/she specializes in children’s dental health. Pediatric dentists are skilled in handling issues to do with kids’ oral health. If the condition warrants it, they will refer your child to specialists such as oral surgeons or orthodontists. 

The main goals of any pediatric dentist are:

  • Being on the lookout and anticipate potential danger issues
  • Carrying out checkups on regular basis
  • Advising parents on proper dental care practices for their little ones

As a matter of fact, you should take your child to a dentist for the first time when he/she celebrates the first birthday. Follow it up with regular visits. The child will grow up healthy and gets used to seeing a dentist.